Forest Cove Subdivision

Director/Treasurer: Beth Conner

Director: Pencie Brewington

President/Director: Ann Ha

Vice President/Director:  Holly Stephenson

Secretary/Director: Ivan Langford

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 DATE:  January 28, 2020,       NEW TIME:  _6:00 pm_     

LOCATION: _Stephenson’s home,  5214 Forest Cove Dr._

 Confirm Quorum of Board members and Officers

 Call to Order

 Review and Approve minutes of prior meeting(s)

January 7, 2019 (December’s rescheduled meeting)

 Review and Accept Financial Report from Treasurer

Payment of property taxes on six common area lots

 Report from ACC

          Building plan review

 Old Business – updates, discussion, and/or possible action on:

          Common area maintenance update

          Common improvements around ponds

         Perimeter security fence at north end of subdivision

Irrigation system upgrade

          Renovation of mailbox stands, boxes, and address pane

Violations of restrictions and guidelines that are needed to be brought into compliance

Discuss drainage issues on backside of lots per subdivision plat requirements.

          Correspondence with legal counsel, Tamara Gaines.

Review of deed restrictions and by-laws.

 New Business        

 Open Discussion

          Items for next agenda


          Date / Time / Location of next meeting

Executive Session (if needed to hear appeals)



Officers and Directors 2019

Dickinson, Texas