More than 50,000 residents of Galveston County received notices that plans to perform Seismic Testing in our area were underway.  Many people feel that the 3-D seismic testing would create shock waves which will damage water supplies, damage foundations to homes and endanger lives.  At least one of our residents has experienced severe damage to a home due to Seismic Testing done in the League City area some years back.   The Army Corps of Engineers and Sampson Energy have been suspiciously quiet of late.  But the FCHOA will post additional information when available.

Seismic Testing in Galveston County


Flood Plan


Residents may be affected by the proposed new flood insurance rate maps developed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. There is a 90-day formal appeals period ending Sept. 24. See attached article for more information.   FCHOA will post additional information as available. There is a 90 day formal appeals period ending Sept. 24.  To visit proposed maps visit www.txchart.com01 


Forest Cove Subdivision

Dickinson, Texas